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to the re-vamped Dream Weaver Site.

I would like to thank David Kurcina at Tangerine POP Design for his wonderful ideas and creativity expressed in revamping my website. He is truly dedicated to Musicians and the expression of Music on the Internet.

The site was originally designed by Dan Nash along with Carlos Perez who I feel did a great job in successfully mixing many complicated elements together to capture the new look and feel that you see.

A dear friend, Jonathan Meader, provided the fine art images for the site. If any of you saw me perform live during the 70's when I was rear-projecting films at the back of the stage, it was mainly Jonathan's artwork or work from friends of his that I used in the different sketches. I also used one of his images on the cover of my album "The Right Place." I've always highly regarded his work and feel that his art most closely portrays visually what I try to express musically in my own work. I invite you all to visit his web site jmeader.com and browse through his wonderful images.

We welcome any feedback you have about the new site, especially if you are encountering any problems.

Warmest regards,


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The Credits

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Gary Wright
Rose Wright

Art Direction:

Dan Nash

Fine Art:

Jonathan Meader

(You can view Jonathan's art at jmeader.com)

Flash Work and Layout:

Tangerine POP Design


Glenn Smith


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